Editors and clients have called me creative, reliable, easy to work with, an engaging writer and other nice things. Whatever else they might call me, they do keep calling. I hope you will, too. I’m ever eager for the newest challenge.

“I’ve worked with Marya on a wide range of freelance writing projects, including dozens of feature articles and profiles for print and online corporate magazines. I always knew I could count on her for timely research, solid interviews and excellent writing, no matter how tight the deadline. I also appreciate her ability to make dry subjects lively to read and easy to understand as well as her skill in creating a positive rapport with interview subjects. She has a special knack for human interest pieces, especially profiles. Marya has made my job easier for all of these reasons, and not least because she also consistently nailed the assignment the first time, submitting clean copy that required a minimum of editing. Marya is a creative, reliable professional with both a solid journalism background and an understanding of the demands of marketing communications. I highly recommend her as a freelance writer.”

Ann Goldberg
Corporate Relations
Allstate Insurance

“I can always count on Marya to be prompt and well organized in completing an assignment capably and on time. And her creative writing style makes every subject vibrant and engaging.”

Marilyn Sherman,
Editor, Inquiry Magazine
Northwestern University

“Marya and I have worked together on a wide variety of clients from Sears and Drexel Heritage to Sauder Woodworking and the Composite Panel Association. Her ability to combine corporate professionalism with journalistic rigor and creative flair has been without parallel in my 30-year career as a public relations executive. I can count on her to develop engaging features that secure immediate client approval and strong media acceptance. She can take a dry subject such as composite board applications and create award-winning articles by securing strong interviews with the nation’s top architects and producing lively, attention-grabbing copy. For nearly 20 years, she has produced fresh angles on press releases for Sauder Woodworking, North America’s leading producer of ready-to-assemble furniture, again and again attracting client satisfaction and media attention. All this has been accomplished with very little direction. Marya simply takes an assignment, runs with it, gets the facts right and produces media-ready copy on budget and on time.”

Barbara Buenger
President, Buenger Communications Group

“I’ve known and worked with Marya for many years. She is one of the best freelance writers I know, always a pleasure to work with, quick to understand the issues and consistently able to deliver a product that more than meets our needs in the time allotted. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others.”

Les Jacobson
Senior Manager
Allstate Insurance

“Marya was the first “freelance” writer that I ever worked with at my first job in a marketing agency. I didn’t realize until much later how spoiled I was from working with Marya. For our first project I gave her the rough idea of a concept and “voila” it was done; research, copy, thematic structure . . . all done. The client was delighted and it sealed the deal. My next project with Marya was just as perfect. The client, who had been a successful PR writer by discipline read Marya’s first draft, paused, put down the copy and said ‘I wish I could write like that.’ So do I. And I wish all writers did and were as easy to work with. Marya embraces the project and what you and the client need. I went on to introduce her to every agency I worked with.”

Nancy Nicholson
Formerly, Vice President Client Relations, Goodwin, Knab
Currently, Manager Corporate Relations, NSSC

“Marya Smith is, without question, one of the best writers I have worked with. Our company hired her to write vivid copy for a website where she needed to eloquently describe dozens of similar products. With a little guidance, she gave our company more than I expected. The copy she delivered created a unique world for each piece. We were delighted. Better still, she worked under very tight deadlines and yet, wrote with impeccable grammar and without any need for copy editing. When we hired her to write for our blog, we found she was able to do more than just write copy. She’s a journalist too. Her well-researched and eloquent pieces were on-target — both in topic and in demographics. She is a writer worth her words in gold.”

Cecilia Najar
American Leather

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