Marketing Samples

Writing marketing copy is an inviting challenge. I take pride in presenting my clients’ missions and products in a way that makes readers – whether they’re consumers or business insiders – enjoy reading about them.

I’ve been the copywriter/content creator for a variety of projects for corporations, associations, ad agencies and public relations firms. Clients include Allstate, Sauder Woodworking, Hunter Warfield, American Leather, United, Hyatt, Surtex and many others. I’ve learned from all of them.

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I was the sole copywriter for the first eight issues of the Composite Panel Association’s (CPA) newsletter, Second Wave, winner of a Gold Circle Award from the American Society of Association Executives. Here are a few examples:

CPA’s Second Wave, #2 Feature articles include: Seattle Asian Art Museum makeover boasts Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF); Atlanta-area custom cabinetmaker opts for industrial-grade particleboard.

CPA’s Second Wave, #6 Feature articles include: MDF a key player in Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ stadium; Metropolitan Home features MDF designs by Beverly Hills architect.

CPA’s Second Wave, #8 Feature articles include: Popular Toronto nightclub uses MDF and particleboard in hip decor; Chicago architect goes green with engineered wood substrates.

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Corporate magazine features and profiles

Feature: Post-hurricane catastrophe team, Allstate corporate magazine

Profile: Numbers expert, CNA corporate magazine

Feature: Global efforts, Allstate corporate magazine

Profile: Marketing expert, CNA corporate magazine

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Press releases

Sauder press release: Buying trends, Spring 2013 High Point Market

Sauder press release: Millennial taste makers, Spring 2013 Market

Surtex press release: Branding

Surtex press release: Tech and biz

Surtex press release: Design trends

Surtex press release: Business strategies for artists

Sauder press release: Mobile furniture for fast-forward lifestyles

Sauder press release: Green for 75 years

Sauder press release: Garage as multi-purpose hub

Sauder press release: Bedroom furniture, infants

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Catalogue copy, print and online

Catalogue copy, samples

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