Columns and “shorts”

Yes, I can write it short and sweet — whatever your word count. And I can always find a fresh hook, whether you need an ongoing column or blog. Here are some clips, including selections from columns for the Chicago Tribune and samples of magazine and newspaper “shorts.”


Need a punchy profile for a sidebar or front-of-book piece? I can capture the person’s essence in 500 words or less. Try these:

The Rotarian, FOB Profile, trivia quiz writer

Inquiry magazine, Sidebar profile, Miss Frances of Ding Dong School 

The Rotarian, FOB Profile, triathlete fundraiser


Seeking a short column on a particular theme, with a fresh approach every time? My Chicago Tribune ‘Spirit’ column for the Womanews section did just that in 750 words approximately every three weeks, addressing various dimensions of contemporary spirituality in women’s everyday lives. Here’s a PDF with some clips:

Chicago Tribune Spirit column samples


Looking for something informative, light and tight? My short pieces for the Chicago Tribune‘s Style section prove I can hit the mark, in 250 words or less, on a wide range of topics. This PDF has a few:

Chicago Tribune Style section, sample shorts


Do you need a regular calendar feature, timely and pithy, for a confined space? Here’s how I made it work for the Chicago Tribune‘s ‘Highlights’ column, focusing on noteworthy people and events for the Womanews section. This PDF has a few examples:

Chicago Tribune Highlights column samples


Looking for a blogger? Check out these links for some of my blog posts for American Leather:

Geometrics at home, American Leather

Decorating with pillow panache, American Leather

Orange-you-glad, American Leather


Need a touch of wit and whimsy? My humor column for the Chicago Tribune‘s Suburban Trib was a fun gig, with columns appearing every three weeks. This PDF has some samples:

Humor column samples, Suburban Trib (Chicago Tribune)

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